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Hello, world. Meet Methodically :)

🎉 We’ve just launched the first “alpha” version of Methodically!

Methodically is a platform in your pocket for personal development. We see self-development as a lifelong pursuit and believe that everyone should have the access and ability to participate in the journey—regardless of what you have already achieved, what barriers you face, or what approach you care about. Our goal is to make the journey of self-development a delight!

⚠️ What can you expect in this “alpha” release?

Like a newborn entering the world: we aren’t fully-formed, we’ll have some hiccups, and we’ll be growing and changing at a pretty rapid pace.

In real talk, this means: some features are incomplete, we’re expecting some bugs, and we’ll be making updates and fixes on the fly.

“Methods” are the building blocks of Methodically, and in this alpha release we are starting with some foundational methods:

  • Check-in (a simple self-assessment)
  • Contemplations (time and space to contemplate)
  • Canvas (a vision board in your pocket)

🤓 Alpha also means there’s more in the works!

Everything we are building comes from real-world experience working with people on their personal and professional development. We have more in the works for upcoming releases including methods for recording insights and takeaways, and for setting intentions and goals. We’re also working on some unique ways to partner with other coaches and training providers who have methods of their own.

🙏 At this early stage, real world feedback is invaluable.

We’d love to hear what you think, so if you have any feedback, need any help, or have any questions, you can send it through the Feedback Form in the app, contact us at Methodically HQ, or reach out to Adrian directly.

To everyone who has already signed up: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Curious to try out Methodically?

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