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The building blocks of Methodically

Methods are the building blocks of Methodically, and each one provides a simple and flexible way to support your journey of growth.

While each method has an intentional purpose and is presented with particular sequences in mind, Methodically on a whole is designed to be flexible in approach.

Here’s the first set of Methods and we’ll have more on the way!

100pt Check-in

A simple self-assessment

To make a plan for where you want to go, you first need to know where you are. The 100pt Check-In is a simple method to help set a starting point.

100pt Check-in is a simple self-assessment: the aim is to complete a self-rating of how you are doing on a scale from 1-10 across 10 different facets of life.

The purpose is to create a snapshot in time that helps you zoom out and look at where you are thriving and where you have room for growth. There’s no judgment here—there’s no good or bad, right or wrong—you are where you are, and that’s exactly where you need to be.

With your self-assessment in hand, you can then decide where you want to focus your time and energy to make a positive change, and then take your next steps with purposeful intention.


Time and space to contemplate

Contemplations is a place for guided introspection.

📖 Prompts are selected from a variety of sources including coaches, authors, and thought leaders, as well as common sayings and parables. Each prompt is selected for its ability to spark an insight.

See one that gets you thinking? Answer the prompt and it will be saved as a 📝 Reflection that you can pull up later for inspiration.

Want more time to ponder? Save it for later ❤️.

Every month, we rotate in a new set.


A vision board in your pocket

Your Canvas is designed to be a source of inspiration along your journey of growth.

As you gain greater clarity of your values, strengths, vision, and goals — whether that’s through the guided methods here in Methodically or through your work with a coach or mentor — your Canvas is a place to capture your insights.

Over time, your Canvas will become a quick reference that you can pull up at any time as a reminder of WHAT you are pursuing, and WHY.